Manhattan Fashion Models

JMB Model Management chose Manhattan for its location to readily connect with fashion models residing in this fashion industry hub and make it easy for our models to be available to our clients in the area. At JMB Model Management we actively connect with models all over Manhattan and throughout the 5 Boroughs, the State and the entire Country, to enable us to network and to identify and recruit new talent everywhere. At JMB we extensively use the LinkedIn professional networking system to connect with fashion models everywhere. Our prior success in Social Media and Professional Networking leverages our ongoing efforts at doing more in the future.

Fashion Model Divisions

Commercial Print Models

Based on Jessica’s extensive experience and our relationships with our clients helps our models succeed in the modeling industry. Having a strong background in commercial print, we know how to train and assist our models to strengthen their performance skills to succeed. 

Women Fit Models

Jessica having been a model for over 2 decades, understands the needs of women fit models and offers women fit models with the knowledge necessary to perform at their peak ability. We focus on sizes 4,6,8, but provide models for all women size as needed by clients. When our models do not have a technical fashion background or design experience, we provide classes to train on the needed skills to supplement prior experience.

Men Fit Models

Based on Jessica’s close relationships with our clients, we realize the growing interested in male models, and are now a priority within our agency. Acting as a live mannequin, a male model can help a company’s design team see how the garment looks and moves on a live person. If our models do not have a technical fashion background or design experience, we offer classes to provide the necessary skills, since the more our models know about what goes into making a garment, the better feedback they can provide.

Curvy/Plus Models:

JMB Model Management sets itself apart from the many large agencies that do not offer a Curvy and Plus Sized model division. By offering a wide range of curvy/plus models, we are rapidly expanding our offerings and opening our doors to new and experienced model talent. JMB Model Management fully understands the increasing demand for curvy/plus models and strives to find the best talent for our clients.